About Us

About Us

The IPA is a professional body representing the craft and profession of plumbing in Australia. It has been established since 1954 and is governed by a council, elected from its members who represent the interest of its 6 state based chapters.

The IPA seeks to protect and advance the status of all those engaged in or connected with plumbing in Australia.
The Institute actively represents the interests of the plumbing industry, including:

The IPA provides

  • Regular newsletters and technical bulletins for members on a wide range of subjects connected with the various aspects of the world of plumbing.
  • Meetings for the introduction, discussion and debate of important subjects.
  • Events and an online forum to interact with other members of the plumbing community.
  • The granting of prizes and bursaries to students as a means of encouragement during the study of plumbing courses.

The IPA is governed by a constitution.

The objects for which the Institute has been established and incorporated are set out in the Strategic Plan.


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