Become A Member

There are two types of membership of the IPA, “Corporate” and “Non-Corporate”.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to anyone connected with plumbing.

Corporate memberships will be graded by the Institute Council according to the qualifications and experience of the individual in compliance with the Constitution.   For example, those with formal plumbing qualifications are most likely to be elected to Member and those in responsible positions in the wider plumbing industry to Licentiate or Associate Membership.

Corporate Membership Annual Subscription: $176.00 per year (includes GST)

ipa-link-arrow-small Corporate Membership Application

Non Corporate Membership

Non-Corporate memberships are available to Organisations, Companies or Businesses who support the aims of the Institute and also to Honorary persons elected from outside of the membership and to Students studying applicable courses of education.

Non corporate members do not receive voting privileges.

–      Honorary Fellows (previously non members)

–      Industrial Associates

–      Student Members

Industrial Associate Membership Annual Subscription: $286.00 per year (includes GST).

ipa-link-arrow-small Non-Corporate Membership Application

Student Memberships

Student Membership Annual Subscription: $27.50 per year (includes GST). Contact our Secretary for details.



When becoming a member of the IPA you can use the following lettering structure after you name.

Honorary Fellows Hon.F.I.P.A.
Fellows F.I.P.A.
Members M.I.P.A.
Licentiate Members L.M.I.P.A.
Companion Members C.M.I.P.A.
Associate Members A.M.I.P.A.