Aquatherm is a world-wide producer of polypropylene (PP-R) pipe systems for the potable water and heating sector.
Aquatherm was founded in 1973 in Germany as a company for the development, production and installation of warm water floor heating systems. Then, Aquatherm was one of the first three suppliers of floor heating systems on the European market.

In 1980 Aquatherm developed the fusiotherm® polypropylene (PP-R) pipe system for potable water and heating installations.

Aquatherm is the largest selling PP-R pressure pipe system in the world market. Each year well over 48,000 km of pipe and 94 million fittings are produced, stored and dispatched all over the world.

Our product range has expanded beyond water services into mechanical and civil services, such as compressed air, recycled, large bore HVAC systems (up to 630mm) and sprinkler pipe systems. Special grid systems for comfort heating and cooling have now been introduced in residential and commercial constructions sectors.





Established in Australia in 1949, Reliance has grown to become a world leader in water control, measurement, infrastructure, products and services, supplying hot water systems to manufacturers, plumbing distributors, government bodies, and other major industries. Our Australian-based NATA accredited laboratory certifies final products prior to production and conducts ongoing performance and destructive testing.

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Over 80 years ago Enware began with the manufacture of school lab fittings, since then they have developed a comprehensive range of specialist tapware and safety systems. They continue to support plumbers with products for the commercial residential, aged care, hospital and health sectors along with solutions for industrial environments and products for education, laboratories and public amenities.

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Allied Pumps

For over 25 years we here at Allied Pumps have been specialising in and innovating purpose-built and complete water package pumping, storage and treatment solutions locally, nationally and internationally. When it comes to hydraulic services equipment, we’re the preferred provider for pumping, storage and treatment nationally.




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